Holiday Show

The last time I checked in with everyone I was working hard at preparing for my first Holiday Show.  Since then much has happened keeping me so busy that I haven’t had a chance to catch everyone up.

The Christmas Arts & Crafts Emporium Show was a success from my point of view.  It was the 33rd year that this particular show has taken place.  I have been a consumer visiting this show previous years and this time got to see it from an entirely different perspective.  Saturday was the kick off and when the annoucement came that they were opening the doors; I said a prayer for the Lord to see me thru this adventure and took a deep breath.  It was busy at times and once I had my first few sales completed I felt a bit more at ease.  I typically do not like crowds, but this was somehow different being able to talk about my love of sewing and quilting.  The first day came to an end with a sigh of relief, although, we didn’t sell out of everything; my friend and I had to rearrange our booth to account for what we did sell.  Day two came at a slower pace which allowed me the opportunity to meet other vendors and discuss not only their products but get tips and tricks to this type of saleswomanship.  (if that is really a word?)  All in all, I felt pleased with not only the sales, but also the look of the booth.  What seemed to be a blink of an eye… three days had passed.  Here are a few pictures of the booth.

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“Weak Moment” Purchase

I have always admired machine embroidered items at craft shows or events.  My decision to include an Embroidery Machine to my sewing room was during a weak moment.  I had been tossing around the idea of purchasing a machine and doing all the research, but never really making the decision to purchase one.  One day I went to the local Sewing/Vacumm Store that carries a variety of threaded machines and supplies.  I believe I just needed to purchase some bobbins for my sewing machine and managed to come home with an Embroidery Machine…I think I forgot the bobbins! 

Please enjoy the slideshow of various embroidered pieces I have made since my “weak moment” purchase.

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