I love the feel of fabric and crave the challenges of creating new things.  It is my joy and therapy from the real world. 

I grew up around one grandmother that sewed for a living and one grandma that hand quilted for a small part of her income, but mostly the pleasure it gave her.  My mother sewed a variety of formal dresses, among other clothing items for me and my sisters.  I mention my mother and grandmothers because the one thing I cherish most is the amazing gift of creativity they gave me.  I wish to include the important trait my father taught me; if you are going to do something, be meticulous in doing it right.

Ten years ago I moved to Alaska, making a long time dream come true.  I realized after my second year that I enjoyed sitting inside watching the snowfall and seeing the temperatures drop while enjoying a cup of hot cocoa.  My need to find something to help pass the cold winters renewed my interest in sewing and my love of quilting started to grow.  I took some classes and through friends I learned the techniques; my ability has blossomed into the desire to share my products.

I do long-arm quilting among various other projects like pillows, bags/pouches, ornaments and embroidered items.  I have just recently started to do the long-arm quilting for customers and selling some of my projects; I’m stepping out of my comfort zone of friends and family.

6 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi,

    I was just checking to see if you are the company that
    makes the portable ironing tables they sell
    at Seams like home, and if one could be purchased
    through you. I had liked the fabric you had
    numbered 1001. The light pink paisley.
    If you could email me and let me know I would
    appreciate it.
    Thank you.


  2. I just finished a quilt top for my daughters graduation and am looking for someone local to Peter’s Creek/Chugiak to help get it finished by May 11. Are you available?


    • I appreciate you contacting me, but my schedule would not allow me to have it done by then. I am currently booked about 3 months out. Contact one of the quilt stores via phone and ask about some of the local quilters. Most stores have quilters cards and/or a list of long arm quilters.


  3. Good Afternoon,

    I was referred to you by one of the quilt shops in Anchorage. I am wanting to make a close friend of mine a quilt for her wedding. I am wondering how long it usually takes you to quilt a project. For instance, if I were to have a quilt ready by the 10th of August would that give you enough time to have it finished by the 20th of August?


    • I appreciate you contacting me regarding the wedding quilt. There are many variants that go into how long it takes for the quilting process. I try very hard to work with my clients to get their quilts back to them by the dates they would like. However, my schedule is based on a first come first serve basis and I am currently scheduled 2 months out. So a straight forward question to your 10 August vs 20 August question would be no, I am sorry I would not be able to help you out with that.


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