Rebecca K. Polyester Scrap Quilt

A little history behind this quilt.  It was made for a young man by his Grandmother.  Years later, a puppy came into he and his wife’s life.  The puppy claimed the quilt as it’s own and chewed holes throughout it.  The quilt full of holes was tucked away in a closet for an unknown amount of time.  One day his wife decided to have it restored for him; she carefully removed the stitches in the pieces that had been chewed.

When this cherished item came to me, it was still mostly in pieces and held by the hands of a wife that hoped it could be made into a quilt again.  The big question in my mind was not if it could be turned back into a quilt, but, could I get it done in time for her husbands birthday only a month and a half away.  I took on the challenge and started the layout process.  Some pieces had to have the seams mended and others needed some cutting to square them.  The strips of fabric started to take shape and I was able to use all but a couple of the polyester pieces to create a lap size quilt.  The backing that she chose, was a heavy silk type material similar to the wonderful wide silk bindings used on baby blankets.  I used a medium loft batting to help fill out the fullness of the quilt top and an overall meander stitch; at this point the quilt really started to come together.  I rolled the edge of the backing around to the front and used a zig zag stitch to form the binding.  All was completed and with two weeks to spare…

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