Waiting, argh…

My previous post with the necktie quilt, was the last quilting I have done.  My sewing room currently stands mostly empty and waiting is now the name of the game.  So for those of you that are not in contact with me daily here is the story.

I decided it was time to upgrade my longarm quilting machine.  After weeks of mind bending deliberation, my choice fell on the Gammill Statler Stitcher 30-12 Optimum.  To break it down for those who are not familiar with machine lingo, it is just a big sewing machine on a 12 foot long table.  In my eyes it is the “cream de’ lacream” (sp) and every time I think about owning it, I get shivers.  Yes, I may be sounding a bit childish in my verbage; but that is how I feel about having another of my dreams about to come true.

The new machine was ordered on March 8th and was tentative for delivery in about four weeks.  I still had my Nolting Fun Quilter that was for sale on the well-known Craig’s List.  I had not received a single call for two weeks and then got three calls within two days.  The first showing brought its new owner to light, within a few hours it was taken apart, loaded, transported and reconstructed at its new location.  That evening although delighted with the sale of the complete Nolting machine and frame, instead of just trading in the machine; I was not sure if I felt happy or sad that my first longarm machine was gone.

I contacted my Gammill dealer to alter my invoice since I no longer had a trade-in on my new machine; then, several days passed when I got the bad news.  My new machine was delayed due to bad weather and would be an extra two weeks out.  I was bummed…making the best of it, I decided to attempt to complete a few UFO’s (unfinished objects) in my sewing room.  I decided on a new technique for making fabric note cards, purchased the needed fabric to finish my “Kwik Krazy Quilt” pattern, reorganize the stuff on the book shelves to more efficiently hold my quilting items and be more diligent at the process of completing the “Octagon Flower Bed” quilt for my mom that I am hand quilting.  Speaking of hand quilting, I totally give credit to those with healthy backs who can undertake this task for more than an hour at a time.

Back to the main subject, so here I sit typing this post and thinking that my new machine is still two weeks out.  The telephone rings and it is the Gammill dealer calling to tell me that she had info that I was probably not going to like.  My heart sank in my chest as I asked using all the strength I could muster, what the news was?  She said that she just checked on the machine and it is going to be delivered on Monday.  OH MY GOODNESS, that is only three days away!!  Her laughter rang in my ears, as I expressed my joy at her joking about the bad news.  The new machine is currently scheduled to be assembled in my Sewing Room on Wednesday, which is only five days from now; not two weeks!

Now, I ask myself what I will do with my mind over the next five days so that I don’t go crazy with excitement?  Until next time, BEE Happy!bumble bee2

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