Betty L ~ Necktie Quilt

This quilt is made from the neckties of a gentleman who has gone to be with the Lord.  It is one of two quilts being made from his ties for his children. Measuring up to a King size quilt has been a learning process for both the creator consisting of hand stitching the ties together and appliqué stitching to a large piece of muslin; the quilter who needed to reduce bulk and fill in the puffiness. The center is made from the main part of the tie and the four corner fans created from the skinny end of the ties used in the middle. The quilt was assembled in Pennsylvania then packaged and sent to Alaska for quilting.

When I received the box it was very heavy and I did not understand why? Upon opening it I realized that the ties were complete with several layers of fabric. I never really knew how a tie was constructed until now. I carefully snipped away the muslin behind the circle of ties and stripped them down to just the thin layer of fabric from the front of the tie. I basted a high-loft batting on the back of the ties to fill up the loose tie fabric. Deciding on a light weight poly batting to cover the entire quilt along with a single cut of backing fabric, to help minimize the weight. After several weeks of mental design process, I finally put ideas to stencil, loaded the quilt on the frame, decided on thread color and needle size. Only thing left to do was turn on the radio and quilt. Ten hours, a few thread breaks and needle changes later; it was time to celebrate the quilt was stitched and ready to be removed from the long-arm frame.

The only dilemma I still face is packaging it for its return trip to Pennsylvania for the final binding stage… Oh, and did I mention that this was only one of the TWO!

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