Preparing for Holiday Show

I have been busy preparing for my first craft event the Christmas Arts & Crafts Emporium in Anchorage.  I suppose I should have started out small, but then again I never seem to do much of anything unless I go all out.  I have been sewing all day everyday that I don’t go off to my real job.  I softly whisper to my machines to hang in there and I promise after the show I will take them in for cleaning and tender loving maintenance.  I never knew how handy having a serger could be until now, I find myself using it for so many projects that I never thought I would.  The Sewing Room as I now refer to the room I have acquired in the house for all my machines and stuff looks as if a tornado went through.

I had two friends over a couple days ago and we worked on projects for eight hours; taking a brief snack break as we walked past the spread of salmon spread wraps, veggies with ranch dressing, crackers and spinach dip.  It was a day filled with fun, laughter and joy.  We parted that day feeling fullfilled with friendship and projects in hand to complete.

There is still much to do as I find myself thinking of each thing almost every waking hour and sometimes in my dreams.  Since this is my first show there are displays to create and prepare, table coverings to think about, Christmas tree lights to dig out, space layout to design; calculators, pens, receipt books, change box, and many other details to numerous to mention.  Of course this is above the items made to sell; I ask myself have I made enough but maybe made to much?  Then there is the whole concept of pricing the items, this has to be one of the worst aspects of selling my creations.  I keep hoping in time puting a price tag on something that has been made with joy and love will become easier.

I should really get these machines to humming so I will close for now.  Just wanted to drop a post to let everyone know what I have been up to.  As soon as I have an opportunity to take some pictures I will post them.

Until next time…Bee Happy!    

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