A New Sewing Machine

On November 15, 2003 I agonized over the purchase of a Janome Memory Craft 6500 sewing machine. Do I need it? NO Do I want it? YES Should I buy it? NO Is it a good investment? YES, and the list went on. I spent hours in the store watching the sales lady use the machine and walking through the isles debating with myself on what to do. When I finally asked myself the most important question; Will I use it? YES and the purchase was made. I remember driving home that day with a smile so large, that no harsh words could have wiped away. I cherished each moment of unpacking and setting it up; as I think back there was a bit of time that passed while I just stared at it sitting so stately on the dining room table. When my state of awe passed, I did a short peruse through the owner’s manual on how to load the top thread, how to wind/load the bobbin and there were so many stitches to choose from. A straight stitch is always a good starting point and so the road was paved for me to explore my creativity.

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